Dress Code for Court

Courtroom Decorum for Rockbridge County/Lexington City Courts:

-No tank tops, halter tops, T-shirts (exceptions may be made for work-related shirts or uniforms), sundresses or flip-flops are permitted. All shirt tails must be tucked inside pants.

-Midriffs are to be covered.

-Shorts are not permitted except on juveniles aged 10 and under.

-No hats, scarves, headbands or kerchiefs worn on the head are permitted. Religious/Cultural/Medical exceptions will be made.

-All clothing shall be free of obscene language, images or references, and free of references regarding controlled substances.

-Clothing must not have obvious rips, tears, holes, or shredded cloth or be excessively dirty.

-No chewing gum or food items. No smoking. Any tobacco items must be contained and out of sight.

-No cans, bottles, or cups. Bottled water MAY be permitted if requested.

-Conversations must be kept to a minimum and should not interfere with or interrupt the conduct of the Court’s docket.

-No cell phones, smartphones, iPads, iPods, or other electronic devices except as allowed by the Cellular Device Court policy document.

-Small children should not be present in the Courtroom.