Code of Virginia

Title 1
General Provisions
Title 2.2
Administration of Government
Title 3.2
Agriculture, Animal Care, and Food
Title 4.1
Alcoholic Beverage Control Act
Title 5.1
Title 6.2
Financial Institutions and Services
Title 8.01
Civil Remedies and Procedure
Title 8.1A
Uniform Commercial Code – General Provisions
Title 8.2
Commercial Code – Sales
Title 8.2A
Commercial Code – Leases
Title 8.3A
Commercial Code – Negotiable Instruments
Title 8.4
Commercial Code – Bank Deposits and Collections
Title 8.4A
Commercial Code – Funds Transfers
Title 8.5A
Uniform Commercial Code – Letters of Credit
Title 8.7
Commercial Code – Warehouse Receipts, Bills of Lading and Other Documents of Title
Title 8.8A
Commercial Code – Investment Securities
Title 8.9A
Commercial Code – Secured Transactions
Title 8.10
Commercial Code – Effective Date – Transitional Provisions
Title 8.11
1973 Amendatory Act – Effective Date and Transition Provisions
Title 9.1
Commonwealth Public Safety
Title 10.1
Title 11
Title 12.1
State Corporation Commission
Title 13.1
Title 15.2
Counties, Cities and Towns
Title 16.1
Courts Not of Record
Title 17.1
Courts of Record
Title 18.2
Crimes and Offenses Generally
Title 19.2
Criminal Procedure
Title 20
Domestic Relations
Title 21
Drainage, Soil Conservation, Sanitation and Public Facilities Districts
Title 22.1
Title 23
Educational Institutions
Title 24.2
Title 25.1
Eminent Domain
Title 27
Fire Protection
Title 28.2
Fisheries and Habitat of the Tidal Waters
Title 29.1
Game, Inland Fisheries and Boating
Title 30
General Assembly
Title 32.1
Title 33.2
Highways and Other Surface Transportation Systems
Title 34
Homestead and Other Exemptions
Title 35.1
Hotels, Restaurants, Summer Camps, and Campgrounds
Title 36
Title 37.2
Behavioral Health and Developmental Services
Title 38.2
Title 40.1
Labor and Employment
Title 41.1
Land Office
Title 42.1
Title 43
Mechanics’ and Certain Other Liens
Title 44
Military and Emergency Laws
Title 45.1
Mines and Mining
Title 46.2
Motor Vehicles
Title 47.1
Notaries and Out-of-State Commissioners
Title 48
Title 49
Oaths, Affirmations and Bonds
Title 50
Title 51.1
Pensions, Benefits, and Retirement
Title 51.5
Persons with Disabilities
Title 52
Police (State)
Title 53.1
Prisons and Other Methods of Correction
Title 54.1
Professions and Occupations
Title 55
Property and Conveyances
Title 56
Public Service Companies
Title 57
Religious and Charitable Matters; Cemeteries
Title 58.1
Title 59.1
Trade and Commerce
Title 60.2
Unemployment Compensation
Title 61.1
Warehouses, Cold Storage and Refrigerated Locker Plants
Title 62.1
Waters of the State, Ports and Harbors
Title 63.2
Welfare (Social Services)
Title 64.2
Wills, Trusts, and Fiduciaries
Title 65.2
Workers’ Compensation
Title 66
Juvenile Justice
Title 67
Virginia Energy Plan